Arroyo Hondo [deep side canyon], Cerocaui-copper canyon, Chihuahua, MÉXICO

Directions: From the tourist town of Creel, take train 3 hours to railroad town of Bauichivo. Catch a ride[or walk]7 miles to 'Rancho Del Oso', where you can either camp or get a room or dormitory bed. Ask the people at 'El Oso' to show you a topo map to see where you are going. To get to the trail 'Arroyo Hondo', begin on the trail known as 'el cajon', that crosses a stream on a suspension bridge, then winds through a narrow canyon through the mountains, gradually climbing for 6 miles before cresting 'el puerto de la cruz' [the pass of the cross] where you will follow trails down to connect with 'arroyo hondo'.

Trail Information: This is the middle portion af three trails that connect with each-other leading to the deep canyon town of Urique, located 6,000 feet deep in the barranca urique. The trail descends then crosses the deep side canyon that is arroyo hondo before gradually heading away from the beautiful deep side canyon, always keeping in view of the canyon as it becomes deeper and deeper. This trail will lead runners onto the mesa Naranjo [orange trees] where you will have a spectacular view of where you will be descending into the Urique canyon. From Naranjo you will seek the trail 'arroyo mescalero', which is a very runnable gradual rolling downhill singletrack skirting yet another lush bird-filled arroyo, leading you into Urique. The total distance of this mostly downhill run is about 18 tough miles from 'Rancho Del Oso' to Urique. I like to make this trip in reverse; either way is good depending on your preference of running up hill or down.

Miscellaneous Information: This journey brings runners/hikers through an amazing diversity of Flora and micro-climates; from high pine forests through parrot filled side canyons, to scrub brush and cactus. If you would like an experienced trail companion/guide to show you this and other trails in this region of the deep canyons of Mexico, then I would be happy to do

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