Tai Po Kau Forest Walk

Directions:  Take a bus (No.70,73A,74A,72,72A) to Tai Po and make sure to get off at Tsung Tsai Yuen (make sure you get off at the right place by showing the map to the bus operator or you show him the Chinese character of Tsung Tsai Yuen). You will find a small uphill road on your left hand side, it take you 10 mins to go all the way up and you will find an information center which is the entry of the trails. You won't miss it!
*The most convenient way is to take KCR (train service) to Tai Wai station and take 72A to Tsung Tsai Yuen

Trail Information:  There are four trails which are red walks, blue walk, brown walk, yellow walk and they are 3km,4km,7.5km,10km respectively. The trails are managed by Agriculture & Fisheries Dept of HK.  The area is beautiful and peaceful, mature woods abounding with bird life and butterflies. There are no vehicles, no pollution and appreciative visitors can really feel as one with nature.

Miscellaneous Information:
1) all free! no need to pay for entry fee
2) easy to access
3)there are signs along the trails hence you won't get lost.
4) will show you the map of the trails next time

 Alan Law