All American Trail Running Association

Year 2006 Race Results

Jan 7 Antarctic Ice Marathon and & 100K Results
Jan 28 Greylock Glen Results and Photos, Adams, MA
March 5 Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon, MX
March 12 Swift Skedaddle Snowshoe Results - 10K / 4K
April 15 Muddy Sneaker 20K Trail Run
July 2 28th Annual Teva Vail Hillclimb
July 5 World Ride & Tie Championship Results
July 9 Teva Vail Trophy Race 
July 23 Teva Vail HalfMarathon
Aug 13 Teva Tiga Berry Picker, Vail
Sept 10 2006 Teva US World Mtn Running Team Results Photos
Oct 6 Dam Half Results, Mifflenburg PA  
Oct 10 2006 IAU 100KM World Cup Results
Dec 13 Antarctic Ice Marathon & 100K


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