All American Trail Running Association

Year 2003 Race Results

Jan 4 Turquoise Lake 20M Snowshoe Race
Jan 5 Swift Skedaddle Snowshoe Race Silverthorne 3K / 10K
Jan 11 Frozen Assets 5K Snowshoe
Feb 1 Northfield Mtn Snowshoe Race
Mar 1 Mississippi Trail 50 Photos
Mar 8 Swift Skedaddle Snowshoe Race Frisco 3K / 10K Photos
Mar 23 Copper Canyon to Canyon Trail Marathon
Apr 26 Muddy Sneaker 20K, Naples, NY
May 24 Wachusett Mtn Race
Jun 1 Mt. Evans Ascent
Jun 7 Teva Spring Runoff, Vail
Jul 6 Vail Hill Climb
Jul 13 Barr Trail Mountain Race
July 27 Escarpment Trail Run
Aug 2 White River 50 Mile Trail Championships
Aug 3 Golden Gate Canyon Trail Run
Aug 16 Pikes Peak Ascent (PDF)
Sept 1 Mt. Greylock Road Race
Sept 7 Wapack Trail Run
Sept 21 World Mtn Running Trophy Results Photos
Oct 4 Danielesque Run
Oct 25 Cardiac Arete Mt Sanitas Hill Climb
Nov 23 Copper Canyon to Canyon Trail Marathon
Nov 30 6th Annual Turkey Lane Turkey Trot

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