The 3rd Annual Beech Mountain Trail Runs Results
Saturday July 6th, 2002

5K Results 
15K Results

Greetings! THANK YOU to each and every runner, volunteer, and sponsor of this year’s race. We were lucky to have a beautiful day to play in the woods, with the day’s mild temperatures and partly sunny skies making it much cooler than the ninety plus degrees heat of the two previous days. A very special thanks goes to the Northeast Harbor Ambulance Company for their time and efforts to make sure that all our runners were safe. Knock on wood, they were able to relax and have a good time without having to do their thing!
The long course was re-measured by Kevin Johnson and myself with a tracking GPS. Without the other side of the Beech Hill Farm part of the course (electric fence up) and with Sand Point Road included, the total mileage came out to slightly longer than 9.5 miles (15k is equal to 9.3 miles). Unfortunately, I had to make a Race Director’s Decision and opted not to include the Sand Point Road part of the course this year. (A couple more volunteers would make this possible next year – I need two for this section.) So, I estimate that the total distance for the “15K” was actually 8.1 miles this year. The course included completing a different version of the reverse loop (going left on the way down the big hill), across the middle trail and up the “hill”(paved road), around the outside of the field and into the field between the basketball court and the trees to the finish. By shortening the reverse loop there was limited head-on running.
    Early on Judson Cake and Gabriel Brooks battled Mark Bell for the lead. With all the turns (22 total just for the Camp Loop, and 42 for the entire course!) each runner was challenged to the max to watch the trail markings and to retrace wrong turns. The leaders were off track somewhere on the first loop before the Carter Burial Ground, but they were able to correct themselves. After the second loop at the Camp, Judson Cake had regained the lead from Gabriel Brooks and Mark Bell. Meanwhile, Linwood White had gained ground on the first pack and was in third place heading down to the Farm section. In the Ladies race things were pretty even with a pack of three staying within one minute of each other, but Barbara Bell held the lead pursued by Jessica Walters and Jessica Barbay. Returning from Beech Hill Farm Judson Cake had a pretty comfortable lead for his Overall Male First Place finish at 1:02:41, but the race for second was on. Gabriel Brooks was able to hold off a gaining Linwood White and finished Second Male Overall at 1:09:00. Linwood White came in Third Male Overall at !:10:55. On the ladies side of things some wrong turns had made things interesting, but Barbara Bell was still able to overcome the mishaps for Overall Female First Place at 1:20:30, and the Jessica’s stayed very close behind with Jessica Walters and Jessica Barbay finishing together as Second and Third Female Overall at 1:20:45.
    Some other notable performances were made by Chase Pray (M 50-59) at 1:17:17, and by Owen Barber (M 60+) at 1:34:06. Owen is the most senior runner to finish in the history of the long run, and now a two-time veteran! Great job Owen! Honorable mention to Terry Harrington (F 50-59), who with her last place finish at 2:26:00 was the winner of our Distinguished Turtle Award for Diligence and Determination. I think she had the most fun out in the woods today! Way to Go!
The "5K" race was lengthened to a 4 mile distance to avoid the head-on running and to eliminate a couple off turns. 2001 runner-up and 2000 winner Thomas St. Germain again raced out from the field of 44 for the lead. Despite having an early mishap he was still leading the way after the first loop at the Camp, with 15-year-old Brian Sharkey in hot pursuit. Watch out all you old guys… On the second loop Tom worked things to perfection, completing the 4 miles in 29:34, showing us why he is one of the best all-around runners in New England. Brian came in second with a 31:25 finish.. Just another year and anything could happen with this talented young guy! In the ladies race Trish Nervo ran an impressive 37:23 and came in tenth overall! Way to go Trish! Abby Winterberg, a cross-country runner, finished a strong second in 39:57. There were lots of awesome performances from our youth competitors, including Stephen Coston (just 13 years old!) at 37:40, and David Clements (15 years old) at 38:25. Mary Richards (F 13-19) won her division the third year in a row at 44:16, closely pursued by Crystal Jacques (F 13-19) at 45:31. Looks like we’ve got a hot new generation of trail runners coming up! Great runs! Also, Andy Alteri (M 13-19) at 47:24 and Nicky Young (F 13-19) at 51:43 did great jobs in their first go at a trail run.
Other race directors David Painter (The 5K To End Domestic Violence on Saturday, October 5, 2002) and John Hunt (Great Pond Mountain Trail Run on Sunday, October 6, 2002) ran consistently and impressively for a neck in neck finish at 33:55 and 33:58 respectively. Becky O’Keefe (Race Director of The Winter Harbor 5K) also had a great run in her first trail run at 50:44.
I must mention Mike Watson, who at 57 has not slowed down a whole lot, finishing 9th overall at 35:46. Also, great runs by Nancy Patterson at 47:50:0 and Maureen Farren at 55:58 in the F 50-59 division, and by Karen Kappes at 69:48:00 in the F 60+ division! Karen, Debra, and Jennifer shared the most fun award for the short run. This is what trail running is about!
Again, thank you for coming out to play in the woods for a great cause. We really CAN make a difference in our world! Think of all the kids you are helping out by having a great day of fun running in the woods. Make your plans for more great weekends of trail running at the upcoming events (check the Crow Athletics website at for more detailed info)!

Happy Trails! See you next year!


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