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AATRA meeting * Sunday, Oct. 26, 2003 * 11:45AM (approx)
The Adam Chase home, 290 Hawthorn, Boulder - directions below

The following items will be discussed during our one hour meeting. Input, ideas, feedback are all encouraged.

1. Attendance
2. Minutes from last meeting (March 8, 2003)
3. Membership
4. Finances - treasurer
5. Website - updates - handout
6. Newsletter
7. Publicity
8. Speed Climbing Records - discussion
9. Snowshoe - Updates for 2004
10. Event Involvement '04
11. Other business/ideas to grow the organization
12. Next meeting: Spring '04
Tentative Agenda, please contact Nancy for any additions and or changes

290 Hawthorn Avenue. To get there, take Broadway
heading North, past the Pearl Street Mall, then past Vic's and Moe's, where
the streets begin to run as tree names in alphabetical order: Alpine,
Balsam, Ceder . . . to Hawthorn. Take a left turn off of Broadway onto
Hawthorn (there is a stoplight at Iris, which means you have just gone too
far) and head West up the street, past 4th street (careful of the steep
climb where people often bottom out if they go too fast) and 290 is the 4th
house on the left of the dead-end street. There is only one house above us.

Park along Hawthorn but be mindful of neighbors' driveways. Please
bring dishes in through the front door. We will try to go vegetarian brunch
and last year we ended up without enough drinks or fruit items, as most
people brought bagels and other carbo-type dishes. I suppose that is why
they call it pot luck?

Dogs are allowed, but they need to be kept in the backyard and get along
with others. Children are welcome, of course, and they don't have to get
along with anyone.

Running will start as early as 8:00 am for the 3-hour crowd. 9:00 for the 2-hour
group, and 10:00 for the 1-hour bunch. If you want to go shorter, just show up
whenever and run until around 11:30 am, when the pot-luck brunch begins.

AATRA PHONE (719) 573-4405 fax 573-4408 Adam's Home Phone (303) 440-7149