Teva U.S. Mountain Running Team
2002 Selection Criteria Announced


Menís Team: Dave Dunham, 108 Ferry Road, Bradford, MA 01835, phone/fax (978) 373-9118, email:

Womenís Team: Nancy Hobbs, PO Box 576, Crockett, CA 94525 (510) 787-1060 fax (510) 787-1006, email:

Support to US Mtn Team

The 2002 Teva U.S. Mountain Running Team will travel to Innsbruck, Austria to compete in the World Mountain Running Trophy Race in September. This year's courses are uphill-only (in odd-numbered years courses are uphill/downhill). The senior women will run a 7.5K event on Saturday, September 14 and the senior men will race approximately 12K on Sunday, September 15. The womenís team includes four athletes and a manager with the top three finishers scoring for the team. Six athletes and a manager/alternate represent the menís team with the top four finishers scoring. This year's team will also include a junior component (athletes who are under 20 in the year of competition) for the first time. The juniors run on Saturday, September 14 with the boys (three minimum/four maximum) running a 7.5K course (same course as the senior women) and the girls (two minimum/three maximum) running 4K. All Teva U.S. Mountain Running Team members must be current USATF members.

The senior team members will be selected based on the following criteria:

Equivalent times for 10K = 32:00 Men and 38:00 Women

5K      8K     5M    10K    12K 15K      20K     Ĺ        25K      Mar.     50K
15:15 25:09 25:18 32:00 39:02 49:20 1:07:05 1:10:42 1:25:05 2:29:00 3:05:00
18:05 29:50 30:02 38:00 46:22 58:35 1:19:40 1:24:00 1:41:10 2:57:30 3:50:00

The remaining team members will be selected based on:

Senior team members will be introduced after each selection race and the full team will be announced by mid-July 2002.

The junior team members will be selected based on the following criteria:

Each Teva U.S. Mountain Running Team Member receives the following:

Senior team receives an additional $100 per member (IAAF grant)

Some athletes who have made the team in the past include:

Matt Carpenter (CO). Matt is a part-time Webmaster for The Colorado Springs Business Journal. Carpenter lists his most satisfying running accomplishment as getting to and finishing the USA Olympic Marathon Trials in 1992. He has won 13 of the 17 Sky Marathons he has entered, and is the current course record holder of the Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon. Matt holds the world marathon altitude record recognized by the Association of International Marathons (AIMS). Carpenter qualified for the 2001 World's with his first place finish at the Barr Trail Mountain Race (CO), a 12 mile up and downhill event. Carpenter received the USATF Mountain Runner of the Year award in 1999, the first year the award was presented.

Dave Dunham (MA) is a 37-year-old who works for the Treasury Department. Dave has competed on the USA Mountain running team (Ď92-96,Ď98, and '00). Dave was selected but injured in Ď97 and í99, and was unable to make the race in 01í due to travel restrictions. Dunham captured the silver medal at the Worlds in Gap France (1993), and was the top USA finisher in 1992-96, and '00 (2nd US in Ď98). He qualified for the Olympic Marathon Trials in 1992 and 2000. In 1996, Dunham founded the USATF NE mountain circuit, and then won the circuit in both 1996 and 1998 (runner-up in 1999, 2000, and 2001). Dunham earned an automatic spot on the 2001 team with his top U.S. finish at the USATF New England Mountain Running Championships this year. Dunham was the 2000 USATF Mountain Runner of the year. The multi-talented athlete also represented the U.S. on the World 100K team.

Scott Gall (CO) 27 was the top USA finisher at the '99 Worlds with a fifth place finish. He has been selected to the team four times. In 1997 Gall was the top US finisher at the Worlds with a 27th place. Gall won the 2000 US Skyrunning Half marathon championships in Aspen and was second at the 2001 Barr Trail Mountain Race. He qualified for the U.S. Olympic trials in the marathon with a 2:20:42 at the Cal International Marathon. Gall holds PRís of 30:10 for 10k, and 24:30 for 8k and was a two-time All-America at Wabash college. He works part time at the Runnerís Roost in Colorado Springs and is an assistant high school cross country and track coach.

Eric Morse (VT) 35 is employed as a draftsman. He has competed four times for the US Mountain running team having finished third in í96 and second in í97 and '00, and was unable to attend in 2001 due to travel restrictions. Morse has been named Vermont runner of the year nine times and has won twelve USATF NE championships. Morse finished first at the USATF New England Mountain Circuit 1997, 1999, 2000, and 2001 and was the USATF NE Mountain running champion 1998 & 1999. Eric was named the USATF Mountain Runner of the year in 2001 He has PRís of 3:59 in the mile, 14:17 in the 5K, 29:20 in the 10K and 1:03:50 for the half marathon.

Dan Verrington, 39 was selected to the team from 1994-1999, and 2001 and was the alternate on the 2000 team. Verrington has been one of the most consistent finishers for the team during that time. He was the second US finisher in 1994, third US in 1996 & 1998, fourth US in 1997, and fifth US in 1999, he was 2nd US finisher in 2001. Verrington received an automatic berth in 2001 with his victory at the USATF New England Mountain Running Championships. Verrington lists his PRís of 5k 14:48, 10k 30:35, half marathon 1:05:32 and 2:21:10 in the marathon.

Jeremy Wright (WY) has made the US team three times. He finished third in the 2001 Barr Trail race (West selection). He was a 2 time All American at Wabash College (IN) and the Indiana state champion for 3200m in High School. In 1998 Jeremy was the New World snowshoe champion. He was the 2001 and the 1999 Mt Evans champion and also won the Vail Hill climb in 2001

Danelle Ballengee (CO/UT) 30 has made four appearances on the U.S. Mountain Running team ('96, '97, '99, and Ď01). Ballengee is a proven performer at the World Trophy placing first or second for the U.S. in each of her appearances. She was the 1999 USATF Mountain Runner of the Year and presently competes in the Hi-Tec Adventure series for Team Balance Bar. She was victorious at the Mountain Athletics Trail Running Challenge Series #1 in Park City, Utah last month.

Julie Flint Bryan, (WY) 33, is a homebuilder and real estate specialist in her hometown of Jackson. Bryan's made her first mountain running team in 2001, receiving her nod with a first-place and course-record performance at the Barr Trail Mountain Race. Bryan, a former mountain and road cyclist new to mountain running in just the past two years, holds course records at the Targhee Hill Climb and the Rendevous Hill Climb (both set in '99) in her home state.

Suzy West, (VT) 38 has a dental practice in Putney, VT. Suzy's was selected for the team three times ('99, '00, and Ď01). West was the top U.S. finisher at the '99 World Trophy. In 2001 West has had outstanding performances in the mountains placing first at Wachusett Mountain 4.3 mile and Mount Kearsarge, and placed second at the USATF New England Mountain Running Championships. She was unable to make the trip in 2001 due to travel restrictions.

Nikki Kimball (NY) 30 earned a berth on her first U.S. Mountain Running team with her win at the USATF New England Mountain Running Championships in 2001. She followed up her victory in New Ispwich with a win at the Pack Monadnock 10 mile and a third-place finish at the Mount Washington Hill Climb. Like Dunham, Kimball also represented the U.S. in the World 100K Challenge in France in August 2001.

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